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In 1969, a series of serendipitous events brought a group of single girls to sunny California!  We quickly found that all of us loved sushi and ate it at any chance we could.  We became known as the “Sushi Mamas.”

With a long weekend ahead of us, we decided to hitchhike to Monterey for some fun in the sun!  As luck would have it, no sooner did we stick out our thumbs at the curb, a pick-up truck full of guys stopped and told us to jump in the back!  

In California, they serve sushi at gas stations.  At our next pitstop, when the guys filled up, we bought a bunch for the ride.  Have you ever tried to eat sushi in the back of a pick-up, doing 65 on the highway!?  It’s not pretty…

The soy sauce drizzle was blowing in the wind, cabbage from the sushi burritos was being thrown around like confetti, the nigiri toppings were slapping us in the face, and our rainbow rolls were anything but colorful.  Sushi was flying everywhere!  The truck bed was a mess, we were a mess, and the sticky rice was found in places you should never find sticky rice!  Alas, our first Sushi Mamas Food Truck was born!


Just kidding!  None of this happened.  This opportunity came about because of the 2020 pandemic, having far more time on our hands, and hoping for brighter days ahead!

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